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Amara Raja's Amaron Volt is a high performance battery designed to meet the demands of a wide range of industrial applications. The Amaron Volt range is modular in structure and is capable of accommodating a wide spectrum of capacities depending on the application. Major application areas include Telecommunications, Power Utilities, Railways, Defence and other heavy Industries.

The advantages of Amaron Volt at a glance:
Design float life of 20+ years
Time tested & high end VRLA Technology for Telecom Networks
Best in class Deep Discharge - Quick Recharge Characteristics
Unbeatable performance in offering highest cycles for most competitive TCO
Most suitable for PSOCoperatons to suit demanding applications
Certified for IEC 60896 - PART 21 & 22 and IEC 61427
Complies to IEEE 1188 & 1189 & Telcordia SR4228