Amaron Shield Inverter Batteries - Power Infinite
The new Amaron Shield, with an unheard of 24 months warranty. A product of Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. (ABRL), Amaron Shield is a result of a partnership between the Amara Raja Group and Johnson Controls Inc, USA, the global leader in Interior experience, building efficiency and power solutions.

What makes it so good

Amaron Shield batteries are made in ARBL's QS 9000, ISO 14001 & TS 16949 certified plant, using world class technology and quality control parameters, making them a long life, high performance and maintenance-free battery. Some of the other features that add to making the Amaron Shield so good: leak proof, highpower and hi back up time and ready-to-install.

Amaron SHIELD Design Features and benefits

Long life - The robust plate design and a ribbed container provide extra strength and improved resistance to corrosion.

Ultra Low Maintenance(ULM™) - The special hybrid alloy system minimizes water loss, making the battery ultra low maintenance and ensuring longer life.

Ready to install - Factory charged, wet shipped and equipped with T3 terminals.

Charge acceptance - The unique paste formulation provides for quick charging between power failures.